116TH Street.

This page is dedicated to my Grandmother and Grandfather

Gone but never forgotten.

This was taken in the older part of the cemetery - a beautiful older angel still looking after her charge.

Here is such a sweet monument to a little boy- unfortunately as you can see the poor boy has been through suspected vandalism. 


A few months after taking these photos - I had gone back to do an interview with Big Breakfast Television.  I was telling Bridget about some of the nice monuments - and when I took them over to see this little one - this is what we saw

Prime example of sick people.  Attacking and destroying a grave - any grave - but a resting place of a little 4 year old boy!

more information on cemetery damage/vandalism HERE

more on what happened later when I took more photos - a possible paranormal phenomenon - HERE


These are the ones that should never be forgotten.  Fallen soldiers, cut down in youth - unfortunately a regular site in many cemeteries across North America

In the older part of the cemetery - they have this monument to those brave soldiers (my Grandfather James was one of those soldiers that our family was very lucky to have come home).


This is one of the things I love about some of the cemeteries around Edmonton, even where some may consider there is death, there is life.  Here is a beautiful young jackrabbit

One thing you do not see that much in Edmonton Cemeteries are Crypts, but her is a beautiful example.


There will be many more photos to come.  I am planning a trip back soon to the older part of the graveyard to capture some of the older monuments.