1. All members shall conduct themselves on investigations with a professional manner.

  2. Client confidentiality shall be upheld, meaning names, addresses, etc. will not be given out to any third parties (unless there is written permission from the client).

  3. Members are not to conduct investigations while intoxicated or under the influence. To do so is an automatic dismissal and lifetime ban from the Society.

  4. The Society does not tolerate any discrimination against race, religion, sex, or the gay community.

  5. Members shall not recieve any monies for the investigations. We are a non-profit Society, and we do not charge for investigations. Any members found to have made money on an investigation, maybe dismissed.

  6. Members shall not bring in third parties (unless requested by client). This includes 'psychics and mediums' to conduct cleansings (again unless requested by client). If a psychic is requested, the psychic cannot charge for their services. If a member is found to be working with a psychic/medium and taking in monies for their services, that member can be dismissed.

  7. Members must keep a clean police record. Any members that are found to have charges against them while a member of TAPIS (such as drug charges, theft, drunk driving), will be dismissed immediately and will have a lifetime ban.

  8. New Members must hand in a security background check through the RCMP or Edmonton Police Department.

Note: If any violation occurs regarding the above code of conduct, and the member is dismissed, they must hand in their hat, any TAPIS identification, and there will not be a refund of the membership fee.