How to Become a Member of TAPIS

TAPIS (The Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society), was created to give ethical investigators an organization to work with and to protect homeowners who call for an investigation.

TAPIS is ruled by a Board, and has a strict code of conduct, along with a set of bylaws that are registered with the Province of Alberta (under the Societies Act)

To become a member of TAPIS, security background checks are required. We ask for a security background check just as a precaution to help protect our clients and their homes when we are called out for an investigation.

Our code of conduct is upheld by the Board, and by the members of the team. Any misconduct according to the code of conduct, can be grounds for a automatic dismissal from the society and lifetime ban.

Click here to read our Code of Conduct

Applications will be reviewed by the Board, and then voted upon. Successful applicants will again have to hand in a security background check, and there is a membership fee of $25 (this goes to the price of the 'hat' and operation of the website).

Team members share duties such as driving (the team pitches in for gas). We are a non-profit which means we do not receive any monies for our investigations.

We are not looking for psychics or mediums. We are looking for people who have an unbiased mind when it comes to paranormal phenomenon, and who have a professional attitude and who is a 'team player'.

note - we are having issues with our original application - please go HERE to apply with the temporary one.  Be sure to fill out the required fields.