Sturgeon County Home

We know the owners of this home, so we were able to gain access more than once.  Unfortunately they are selling their home they have lived in for nearly 35 years to move into something smaller.  It would have been nice to go out there one more time.  Never the less, here is some of the incidences and data we have gathered (starting back to my first partner, my ex Fiancée Ross).  So these pictures range from 2003 - 2008.  The sad thing is - we captured an amazing piece of video of a mist floating across the room and disappearing through the wall.  Ross, unwittingly - taped over it with some wildlife (being from the UK - he was interested in our deer, etc) - good thing that the homeowner was able to see the footage before this accident happened.

This house has had unique experiences throughout its 30 years.  The original part of the house is actually a home from pre ww2, with a huge addition living room.  Its this living room for some reason that there have been spots of cold air, witnessed shadow people and little  'sparkles' of light.  Even though we have caught on film plasma, orbs and have recorded temperature changes - we are still continuing to investigate.  This is actually the home where one of our team members grew up - and her parents still live there.

WE were over there visiting for Christmas.  We were taking pictures, and this is what we first initially caught.


The second one initially was a bit spooky - you can see almost a skull in the center looking towards the left.  The bottom picture however, is clearly dust orbs.

Then at a later date - again around Christmas time - we started capturing some other interesting photos.  The following - there were no ciggies lit, nor the fireplace.  At this time the conversation was around a beloved grandfather that had passed away.

This photo, a question was asked if a passed on Grandmother was looking after her son, this picture was taken above his chair.

In 2008 - two photos were taken right after the other after asking out a question.  The first picture is before the question was asked, the second - only seconds after.  Again there was nothing burning, and no reflections.

Its sad for many reasons that this home is being sold.  But there are good memories - something that has no price.