Impromptu Investigation at Rutherford house

(note - after our experience at Rutherford House, we had contacted them to see if we could come in and do an actual investigation.  We were contacted back, and told an absolute NO - due to the fact that there are realatives that are still alive, and might not appreciate this.  We totally understood.  Not even a year later, another 'team' appeared on TV News from Rutherford House, even holding a 'ghostbusting 101' session.  I have emailed Rutherford House to ask why one team was allowed in, and one that is a legalized society isn't.  We have yet to get a reply).



Three of the investigators in 2006 had gone to the Rutherford House, not as an investigative team, but as a team that appreciates Victorian architecture.  We had taken our digital cameras and our video cameras with night vision.  Edmonton is loosing its beautiful architecture to cheap looking, fast raising condos and other buildings.  When you get the chance to go into an actual historical building, I always jump at the chance.


When we started taking pictures - 'orbs' showed up.  We contributed this first to maybe something - but since our investigations and my own personal research on orb phenomenon - I attest this to maybe dust.


Here is a shot of the entry way


I personally have always loved Victorian stair cases.  They don't make woodwork like this anymore


We did capture what can be considered 'orbs' - but again, we have to rule out dust.



here is another shot of the stairs with another 'orb' - an orb that unfortunately we have to put in the ignore category



Now again, it is hard to say if these are real, or just 'dust orbs'.  When we get photos like this - we have to say about 91% that they could be dust.  Digital camera's can be very deceptive, and its always good to keep a logical mind.

Then the rare occasion we get photos like the following - we get excited.  These are harder to explain.  But we ruled out dust, humidity, camera glitches, reflections, even environmental conditions that could have played tricks with the camera.

We then proceeded to the dining room - and my partner caught this one above the chair.  We had someone with us who is known to have some psi abilities, and she felt drawn to this corner - you will see why in the following photos.  The two following pics are of this orb enlarged and enhanced.



This one was taken by myself - at first we thought the 'snake' like light was a reflection from the camera in the cabinet - but it didn't show up in any of the other photos.  And at the end of this light - you see an orb.  And when we enhanced it - you can see orbs within this light.


One mention - one of the people with us, is the one that has shown some abilities as a child (but she doesn't advertise it).  They were spring cleaning in Rutherford House upstairs when we were there.  All the furniture was pulled into the entry and hallways.  One room we went into, there was a bed

with a bunch of clothes piled on top of it - and nothing else (no photos or other furniture).  She had a strong feeling and saw a man standing there in a WW1 soldiers outfit, and saw the 'knickers and socks' he was wearing that is part of the uniform.  We went digging through the clothes, and sure enough there was a uniform on the very bottom.  We went into the hallway where the dressers were with photos in frames laying on top of eachother.  She went quiet as she saw a photo of the gentleman she saw in that room.


Hopefully we will get an answer from Rutherford House as to why this group was let in, and others are refused entry.  We do our investigations with utmost respect, and this is something we are in for the long run.