TAPIS:  We were very excited to receive photos from New York!  One of my personal favorite places in the world (my grandfather is from Saratoga)

Name of photo/evp/video/story: 100 year old house w/history

Location: Huntington , NY

Description and Date of incident: Started Feb.1, 2006…….still happening. After having a tenant leave an apartment above the area we occupy we went up to assess the damage. My son and his friend felt something in the apartment. The next night they went up to take some photos and entered a part of the attic which is never used. The first 2 pictures were taken the first night. The 3rd picture was taken the next night by me. Before I took the pictures on night 2 I sat and talked in the dark, letting the energies (which I will refer to them for now) know they were welcome in our home. The 4th picture was taken in the room below where my son and his friend first had the feeling they weren’t alone. These orbs all have faces and I have some incredible pictures which I will not publish until someone who knows more about this stuff tells me I am not crazy.                     

HAPIA (now TAPIS);  Usually one has to watch when taking pictures with a digital camera in an 'attic' or basement - there usually is lots of dust particles that can show up as 'orbs'.   You see what appears to be an 'orb' in motion  We have also enhanced the photos by clarifying them - to show that there isn't the 'sea' of dust particles behind the ones that are noticeable.   Also note:  we appreciate the public sharing their photos - even if they turn out to be explained.  We don't consider someone crazy if they are capturing something they cannot explain themselves.  Its important that teams such as ours cooperate with the public, as well as other teams all findings, so maybe we can come a little closer to understanding what this 'phenomenon' is.






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