What are understanding has become since our last article.

I wrote an article 2 years ago about orbs, and now my understanding of what they might be has leaned towards a certain theory.

Now before I go into this theory, I must rule out what might be true 'orbs' from ghost lights, and natural or technical occurring misconceptions.  Ghost lights are usually confused with orbs.  A ghost light is a light you can see with the naked eye.   An orb is an anomaly  that is captured either by film or a video camera.  Most seem to be captured on digital cameras, which can be very misleading.  Most of the orb photos submitted to us have been taken by digital cameras.  Unfortunately a lot of these photos have the characteristics of dust particles and humidity particles.  Some, are even a dot of dust on the lens itself.

Here is a great example from one of our investigations.

Here you can see what are 'dust orbs' - the ones you can see through that there seems to be a sea of them.  But closer to the light bulb, there is a different orb.  here is the close-up:

Now these have a different characteristic to the dust orbs.  They have consistency, and the one right underneath the light bulb seems to be in motion.

Here are two other great examples of what might be considered orbs.  The first one from one of our investigations, the second, submitted by one of our readers (you can find more photos on the submissions page under photos)

The one on the left, is one in motion, leaving a trail.  The second one also seems to be in motion.  When we enhanced both, this is what we got:

You can see they both have again, consistency about them.  It is believed that true orbs are made from energies.  The misleading orbs, again come from dust particles, humidity, pixel distortions, or even from bugs.

Now what do we think orbs might actually be?  Well, unfortunately I don't think anyone will ever truly prove what true orbs, these balls of energy and light are.  But here is my theory.  I have heard on popular TV shows that orbs are the indication, a beginning you will of a ghostly activity.  We have been to homes, where there are no other indications of other possible activity, nor a history that would explain 'ghost' activity.

  Now a ghost is an entity that is 'trapped' on earth.  Reasons for this can be because they don't know they are dead, they loved the place so much, the don't want to leave, or because they cannot get over something horrible that happened.  Another theory is some, who might be very religious, are scared to cross over for they are scared of what might be waiting for them on the other side.  They are basically 'bound' to the place, land, or even an object. 

I have two theories.  The first one is could  these be spirits?  Now a spirit is an entity that has passed over, but has the ability to come back.  Something that can travel between dimensions, heaven, the other side, where ever we go after we pass.  We couldn't understand why there were so many orbs caught in her home, on camera and video camera (you can see one of the videos in our video/investigation section). In this home we went too, we had the lady sit down and concentrate on an image.  I took a few pictures of her, and right beside her head, was a basketball sized orb, bright and in flight.  I asked her what she was thinking of, she said her father who passed. We stayed at her place overnight, and when she went to bed, the activity seemed to 'slow down' a bit, but when she was up, that's when we caught the best and brightest orbs on camera. A curious side note, these orbs appeared brightest in her home when her or her husband were going through major health problems (last one appeared before she was rushed to the hospital).  The husband was also very close to her father, was like a second son to him - and even lived in the home at one point.  But he didn't pass there, he passed in BC. 

Another curious point to this story, around the same time the orbs showed up, the lady of the home found out that her father may have lied about his name, and that her maiden name might not be what it was thought to be (it is thought the first world war he lied about his age and name so he could enlist).  This upset her, and many family members.  But it upset her more because she loved her father.  Could this be his spirit coming around to tell her he is sorry, that he is trying to give her some comfort?  Personally, and not on an investigative vein, I like to think so.

Other places we have investigated, has had no history of ghost, poltergeist or other activity, but orbs were caught on camera and video camera.

I have heard other self proclaimed experts say that these are aliens.  As I stated in my first article, I find this outrageous.  Taking the account above, there is no reason for aliens to be visiting this couple.  They are in their a wonderful retired couple in their 70's, they live out in the country, and they lead a regular life.  Logic would state that if aliens are truly going to visit us, with all the problems in the world today, they would go visit the Prime Minister, the President, or someone in power.  Even though I have the utmost respect for this couple, and think of them very highly, again, there is no reason for aliens to visit them.

My other theory is, could this be energies we are projecting?  Could we be capable of projecting our energies outwards, that cause this anomaly?  I am hoping as our investigations proceed, that we zero in more on a substantial theory.

We have to keep an open mind when it comes to finding out about true orbs.  But on the same vein, we have to be logical and somewhat scientific.  Once all the natural and equipment explanations have been ruled out, then we can hopefully find out what these might be.



January 5/2007