A personal investigators opinion.

(this article was featured on Coast to Coast AM as well as Weekly Universe Magazine based in California)

(side note - this article was written before we did more research, read orbs part 2 and 3 for more information)


So why is there an influx of orb photos - and what are they?  That seems to be the ultimate question that is asked of paranormal investigators today.  Even look around on the web - including our page - and you will see orb photos galore.

Most are caught on digital cameras.  Seeing as this is the most popular way to take pictures, and almost every household owns one, lots of people are capturing odd orbs in photos.  This would explain the increase in the numbers.

Myth or Facts?

Some skeptics have their theories:

1.  Its just pixel distortions in the electronics of the cameras.  This could be very well true - if almost every picture that is taken with the camera contains orbs.  The suggestion here is to get it fixed or purchase a new one.

2.  Other skeptics state that it could be reflections off of dust particles that are floating in a room, or lets say if you have a moth flying around or some other insect. 

3.  Others state its just someone shining a flashlight into the camera.


1.  If one only captures orbs once in a while - and only in one location (especially in one room of an entire house), why is this?  Can a camera take distorted pictures randomly?  Possible.  But as in our investigation with the featured house, only the orbs appeared mainly in ONE room.  The only other room they appeared - and only once - was in another room almost adjacent, but we took pictures throughout the whole house every visit - and only that room had the activity.  Also, with pixel distortions in digital cameras (and I have seen them) - you CANNOT see through the 'orbs', nor can you see actual faces in them.

2.. Okay - another possibility, but as with above- why only one room?  If you have dust particles flying or floating around in a room - you would imagine a photo would be almost white with the reflection coming off of all of them.  So if this is the truth - then why only capture one or a few in a photo?  There are a couple on our website that have many in one - so you would figure that every photo taken one after the other without any changes in the room, lighting or position of the photographer would have the same effects.  And as far as the insect theory, another possibility - but that would be found out after taking the picture by seeing the insect in question buzzing around.  Also, if you take a picture of an insect and the light does happen to reflect off of it - its not a perfect orb and does not have the layers that some of them have.  Not only that, but I think most people are smart enough to know an insect when they see one.


3.  Yes - some people do try to fake photos by trying this (or with a candle in a dark room).  With the flashlight method, the glare on the camera is intense , and it looks like it does if you try this with any ordinary camera - and looks fake.  With the candle method - you can see the glow of the flame in the middle - and any software program can enlarge it to show its a fake.  And what about software programs faking photos?  Yep - its done all the time.  But unless you are a master and fakery, even an amateur can take that photo and go into their own program and find out where its been doctored.


Now - my question - Videos.  How would they explain that?  I can see the insect theory working here.  But as I had just stated, I think most people can discern between an insect and something unusual.  Myself I had an orb fly right up to me, saw it through the screen on the camera - and when I looked up, no  insect.

Again, dust - in my opinion no.  In videos the same thing would happen, there would be so many reflection off all you would see is a sea of white.  And it is hard to have pixel distortion on a video camera - for all taken with it would have same problems. 

Fakery - definitely - but as before - unless you are a master at film making and fakery - an amateur can usually pick it apart within an hour and find out its a fake.

Now my experience with the videos we have taken, it is my belief (and the belief of our investigators as well as established other teams around the world), that this is something more.  The ones we have captured don't float - but more 'dance' around, and have witnessed when talking to them - they come forward to the person speaking (or concentrating).  A rock doesn't come to you when you speak to it - nor does it have any reaction, neither does steel or the like.  Only things with a conscious or life energy seem to have a reaction when communication is involved.



I have heard a world famous psychic and one that I respect (and believe me I can count the ones I do on one hand) - states she believes they are "guides" or "guardian angels".  After witnessing one hover over my 14 year old niece one night in the main investigations house, then seeing it disappear behind her, I think that is not only a lovely thought, but possibly could be true.

 In the same house, the Wife sat down and concentrated and a picture was taken.  Beside her head a huge orb appeared, and this investigator had a vision of the woman's grandfather. So could these be spirits or visitations - messages from deceased loved ones?  Absolutely possible. This could also go with the angel/guide theory - for most people do think that our loved ones who have passed, do come back to check up on us once in a while when needed.


I have heard another theory stating that its aliens. Not that I don't believe that there are other life forms in the universe and that we possibly could be monitored, but why would there be so many 'aliens' in this house?  Now I know for a fact the inhabitants of this house ARE NOT ALIENS (although as with most kids, theirs would beg to differ, especially with all the duct tape everywhere :)  ).  And they do not have any political connections - they are a nice older couple who are retired and are grandparents.  So in my opinion , I have to say this is one I don't really believe.

In Conclusion...

So what are they?  In my opinion - they are some type of 'consciousness'.  Now what kind - guides, angels, dearly departed?  No one really knows, and our investigations into the matter continue.  And why does this one house in this one room have such activity with orbs, plasma and now apparitions?  My theory is there could possibly be a portal on that piece of land on that one spot, and truly - the theory of parted loved ones watching over cannot be disputed either.

And why so many photos/videos?  Because they have always been there.  Others believe that there are more than one dimension in our world.  That in fact while you are reading this, that around you there could be from between 5 to infinity of them.  And in these different dimensions, other consciousness 'live' and once in a while cross over to ours and communicate - or stumble in by accident.  They have always been, and its not until now that we haven't had the technology in so many peoples hands to capture them.  Just think as technology grows, and becomes less inexpensive - what other amazing paranormal activity we will capture?  And who knows, maybe they are trying to tell us something - about ourselves, about the world around us, about our future as a planet.

Its always good to ask questions and to go into these investigations with a calm, logical mind.  But after factoring out all the above as well as the humidity, electricity, lighting factors throughout the whole house, our conclusion is this is a site of true paranormal activity.


And the research continues...