So what are they?

Recently, I have been hearing many explanations of what orb's caught on film might be.  Now we covered what they could be when caught on digital camera.  Everything from pixel distortions, bugs, dust and even humidity.  But what exactly are they when they are caught on film?

There is a popular team in the states, where its head investigator proclaims them as nothing paranormal or supernatural, just basic balls of energy floating around us.  So in their investigations, every orb caught on film - is dismissed.

My question - if spirits, ghosts and the like are made up of energy, and use the energy around us to try and manifest (as they state time and time again), then wouldn't they show up as balls of energy as well?  Couldn't it be just possible, that this energy shows up as a ball of light?

Another question I have, if its just energies in the air - there is so much around us caused by natural and man made forces, then why when they seem to be caught on tape, there is only usually one or at the most 4 at the same time?  You would think that with all this energy floating around us, we would be getting 'white seas' across the camera's when filming.

I myself have seen many sites as well, that do have explainable things such as bugs and dust, or even try to fake with a flashlight, and state that they have captured an actual orb.  But what about those that are not?

In our investigations, we have done experiments when orbs show up.  In one investigation, in the Naked Maze, when one of our investigators was asking questions out - in a room about 50 feet across, two bright orbs showed up - seeming to emit their own energies.  When the investigator started talking to the lights, they moved to the center of the room and seem to 'dance'.  Then they flew right at her.  This is not only caught on one camera - but two - at different angles.  This room as with all our investigations was researched throughout for possible electrical and environmental factors that could interfere with what we might catch on tape.

Another investigation, one of our team members asked out, and again, a ball of energy appeared in the center of the room, then split into two, then came right for her.

From these two investigations alone, the 'orbs' seem to take on an intelligent form.  They seemed to react to questions posed by our investigators.  One possible explanation could be that its the energy of the team member herself - but if she could 'throw' her energy across a 50 foot room to manifest and fly like they did, then there is another whole ball of wax to think about.

I think its quite arrogant to dismiss the 'real' orbs so quickly.  This could be an important piece of the continuing puzzle to understand what might be happening all around us.

B.Fowler, Head of Investigations  June 27, 2007