(and the maze underneath)


First of all I would like to thank Bob, owner of the Naked Cyber Cafe's, and to Len, owner of the actual property and underground "Maze" for allowing us to investigate.

Date: Sunday March 12, 2005 - 2:00pm

Sunspot Activity - Low

Moon Phase - 93% full (Waxing gibbons)

Temperature outside -

light fluffy snow.


Naked Cyber Cafe, 10354 Jasper Ave was the focus of our investigation this day - or should we say the underground maze that lies beneath.  This maze connects other businesses, and has been around since 1909 - when the building the cafe is situated in was a fur trading place.


Bob took time out of his busy schedule to show Brenda (my partner for this investigation) and I the entrance to this maze - right below his cafe.  He opened a huge metal door - and we were first introduced to old red brick, and to our immediate right - and old elevator.  This elevator was used to bring down the furs and skins so that they could be taken and hung up.



The room where this door is - we set up as our base room.  opposite to the elevator - and down a short hallway - was a room with what looks like an original safe.




As you can see the original brickwork is still intact.  Through this doorway above, we were led into yet another room - and directly to the right - was a staircase that went now where - just a dead end.  I had taken this picture of it - and only realized later that what could be an orb showed up - but in a place as old as this - we must not rule out dust particles. (NOTE FROM TAPIS - 2009 - we are convinced now these orbs are dust particles.  The ones that are still a mystery - are the ones that have a 3 dimensional property and have their own light).



Bob took us on a brief tour of the underground.  From here a long hallway, with many rooms, .some that haven't been used in years.  At  the end of this hallway - a huge room that would become the site of our vigil.  He also pointed out the boiler room - which was locked behind a big metal door - that was just outside of the stairs to nowhere.

From this big room - yet more connections to another hallway - more little rooms - going backwards to the stairs that go no where.  Bob then left Brenda and I to our investigation.

We went back to the base room, and loaded new tapes into the video cameras - that were fully charged.  We also loaded a new tape into our voice machine.  After Bob left - Brenda and I were the only ones with access to the 'maze'.

Our first walkthrough of our investigations - we were taking readings and noting any noises coming from the boiler.  Humidity was at around 31%, and the temperature kept fluctuating from  22.7 - 23 .C

I was taking pictures with the digital camera, and seeing how much dust might be a problem.  Most of the pictures I took - no dust 'orbs' showed up.  We then went through another set of huge metal doors - the type that you would see on an old train car - into the room that would be our investigation.  We both turned out our video cameras, and both of us at the same time were having trouble focusing.  Our cameras were both going out of focus themselves, then I noticed my battery on my camera was draining quickly - which it has never done before.  Again - they were both charged the night before - and the camera I was using, a Sony handycam with nightvision is only 3 years old and have never had problems with the camera or the batteries before.  It seemed to happen when we were pointing the cameras in the center of the room - or towards the huge black cabinet.  As soon as we pointed them away - they would immediately focus.  There were no electricity fields (High 'natural' EMF) in this room to be causing this.  The room had many old boiler heaters on the floor - but they were not hooked up.  We proceeded to the other rooms - no problems - but as soon as we came back - same thing.

 turned on the cassette recorder - and started talking.  When I was asking questions - we would hear a bang almost immediately - the investigator in me thinks its just a coincidence, that the pipes could have been banging out of unison.


We then went back to the base room - and decided where we would lock off the cameras.  We decided to lock one off in front of the elevator, and the other in the above room (where we later did our vigil) - and also use this opportunity to do a 'test object' experiment.

I placed the camera on a table in the above room - and took a piece of paper and traced the test object.  The object I brought was a cross made from church pews that were built in the 1800's.  For some reason, religious objects seem to work best in these experiments.  I took this object and put it on a lined piece of paper - and traced it in ink.  The whole time Brenda was taping the set up of this experiment - so we can prove that the object wasn't moved, and to video tape me placing the cassette recorder on top of the big black cabinet.  We closed the big doors, and shut off the lights outside of the room - down the hallway. (Note - the pictures taken are with the digital camera - which lit up the whole room - this room - we never had the lights on - so it was quite dark anyway.)

We then proceeded to set up the other camera in front of the Elevator.  We then closed the big doors that led from the base room to the elevator - and secured it.  We then went upstairs to Naked to have a coffee, the whole time making sure no one went downstairs.

When we went back downstairs - everything was where we left it - and unfortunately - our test object hadn't moved at all.  But after we got back and looked at the footage, as soon as we left the room -a tiny orb went flying over the cross.  We later found this to be a possible tiny 'fly'  Nothing else happened except strange audible's that we are still investigating.  This included the weird noise of a growling big dog.  We can verify we were the only ones down there, and there certainly was not any dogs.

We then went through the maze again - taking more photos and carrying the recorder with us.  When I tried to focus on the room again - my battery was draining - so we decided this would be the room to do our vigil.

We set up two chairs against the far wall - and I turned off the outside lights, and in complete darkness, we turned our nightvision cameras on.  I also had the digital.

I then started asking questions "is there anyone here",  then saw what might have been an 'orb' in the far distance.  I then asked are you native?  One went flying by my camera.  I then continued to ask questions - the two light anomalies materialized near the closed metal doors,  crossed to the center of the room - then came towards me (you can hear me on the tape - don't come towards me eh?).  Then a couple came from Brenda's direction - then something long - bright crossed in front of my camera - then went up - then backwards and disappeared.  You can hear me saying I might have caught something trying to materialize.  Brenda didn't seem to be catching anything on hers, but when she viewed the footage, she caught the same light 'orbs' that I did.  When looking back at the 'string light' - I was trying to think if it could be just a string - that got caught in an updraft.  The couple problems that I have with this though, one - it was pretty bright - and two - there was absolutely no drafts in that room.  To be quite frank - it was 'dead' in there.  And there was no fan drafts coming from our equipment - and we were both sitting and being very still.



So far, I am impressed by the light anomalies or 'orbs' that we captured, and seeing as both cameras have them at the same time - this makes it more concrete we did capture something - what that something is - who knows?  The jury is still out on the 'string light' - it will have to be analyzed more carefully, along with the audible's we picked up.

I did one last walkthrough, and took some pictures.  I caught a few interesting things.  The one in the room where we held our vigil - in the first pic you see nothing, the second one - right in front of the black cabinet - something appeared.  Could this be dust?  Well when the photo was enhanced, there wasn't the usual sea of dust orbs.

Then when I was coming through the room with the safe towards the elevator - I took these pictures.  Here we have a prime example of 'dust particles' that can look like orbs - but the thing is with these photos - there are light anomalies within them.  The one below - notice the one near the 'shelf'

This one again has lots of dust on it - but near the top of the elevator - are light anomalies caught as well.

But one note, the locked off camera we had in front of the elevator - picked up some loud - strange noises.  I can tell you what they sound like - but until we confirm exactly what else it might have been - we cannot prove or say for sure what we heard is what it was.

A while into the tape - you hear men talking - cannot make out what they are saying.  Then heavy footsteps, a couple banging noises.  Then the sound of a heavy chain being pulled, a metal door opening, then a few footsteps - then silence.  The sound to me sounds like someone getting out of the  closed off elevator.  This doesn't happen once, but three times.

We are still verifying with the owners that no one else had access to the basement, and what they think the sounds could be.

We are continuing to look and analyze the data collected in this interesting investigation.  WE are hoping to visit again to see what more we can collect, and rule out.



We did go back for another investigation.  The only interesting item that we caught this time - was a whistle.  Unfortunately its too faint to put on here, but it was louder with the naked ear.  All three investigators heard it - right after I asked out 'do you know how to whistle'