Edmonton Cemetery, February 07

Our team decided to go to the Edmonton Cemetery one night.  I hadn't been to see my Grandparents in a while (they are both buried there), and agreed we should go.

Even though the weather network said it was only -7, with the wind chill it was more like -20.  It was clear, and although much snow on the ground, there was no snow in the air, and quite dry.  This also gave me the opportunity to try out our new digital recorder - not expecting anything.  But as you will see, we did capture some interesting EVP's.

We started around 9:30pm.  As we walked from the mausoleum, my EMF detector started going off.  It went from 1 - 7.  I followed the flow until we got to a point near a tree, where it went to the highest recording, 10.  It seemed to be concentrated in one area, about 2 ft by 2 ft.  My first thoughts, an electrical cable more than likely laid underground, right over someone's grave.  A cable that could be wearing down.  Interestingly enough though, when I put the EMF meter to the ground, it went down to 4.  It seemed the field was from about knee high to my waist.  Because everything was covered in snow (up to 3 ft in some places, because they just throw the snow off the road in the cemetery on the graves), I couldn't come to definite conclusion.  We will be going back when the snow has melted, to try again.  But logically it is underground cables they just dug over the graves, and might be sparse in some parts.  The fact the field was higher up in the air, is the perplexing part.

We then started walking around, recording, taking photos, videos.  One of our team members started feeling a bit dizzy, but this could be associated with electrical fields, if there is a problem with the cables in the ground and close to the surface.

Here are a few photos we took.



As you can see, as far as photos, we were a bit disappointed.  Could these be orbs?  Interesting how the one seems to be hovering over a gravestone.

We then decided to go sit in the van for a spell to warm up.  We kept the digital recorder going.  We captured the following sounds.

The first one, was shortly after we all got in the van.  The radio was off, and there was no other noise other than the heater.  I am explaining I have 30 minutes left in my camera - and then I said 'holy holy holy' because I was cold.  Playing this back, it does sound like someone was not happy with what I said.  You can hear what sounds like a distorted male's voice saying

'don't be saying that"

here it is with just that captured:

don't be saying that

I then was telling a funny story about how when my aunt and I visited here a few years ago. After the snickering, close to the end of the file, you can hear a woman's voice say/whisper "Anna'.  Ironically my Aunts name has those four letters in her name, but I double checked with my mother, and she was never called Anna. 



here it is with just anna being said


After we warmed up in the van.  We decided to try to go to where the benches are in the middle of a circle, just in front of the Mausoleum.  I say try, because again, I was sinking into the snow up to my knees.  We were standing around, talking about the possibilities that maybe energies could interfere with an investigation.  You will hear one of us say "Because we are cold are energies are up" Then another team member will say 'oh' - right after that, you hear what sounds like a man's voice - almost with a Scottish accent say:


here it is with just 'fidgiting'



We did get many more sounds, but will have to try and clear them up with are audio program.  We can guarantee, the above sounds are as they were recorded.  When we do get sounds, the only 'tinkering' that we will do with them, is to clear them up.  Again, if a team is dishonest, it makes everything that we are trying to do, what we are trying to prove and disprove, redundant.

Then  we went up to the Mausoleum doors, which are locked.  We took pictures (with the flash off), with our digital cameras.  We captured some interesting things.

Of course the windows were dirty.  We took many photos with two cameras, as we always do.  This is also to help compare if things like dust/grit on windows are what is actually giving the illusion, etc.  But these ones, were something different.

This one was taken seconds after one of our team members could have sworn they saw someone standing in the far doorway.

What is that in the doorway?  Looks like a faint orb - here it is close up and enhanced.

The we started capturing what looked like a blue ball of light.  It moved around the room.  We were trying to figure out if this could be their security system somehow, but it didn't have a logical movement.





Interesting to say the least.  It is our hopes that we can gain access one night (or day), to the basement of the mausoleum, so we can sit in the dark and see if anything happens.

The most exciting data collected on this otherwise impromptu investigation, was the sounds/audio.