What is the difference between haunting, spirits and ghosts?

Is there a difference?  In actuality, there definitely is.


A haunting can be considered more like a recorded experience, replaying in time.  For instance, a lot of the experiences in old houses, castles and the like can be considered a haunting.  A haunting is where there is no interaction between the apparition, and they seem to be doing the same 'routine'.  Example, someone in an old house may see a woman walking down the hallway disappearing into a room, over and over again.  Even if the living tries to communicate, the routine does not change, and there is not interaction with the living.  This would be a haunting.



Ghosts are earthbound entities that have either made the decision to stay, or is trying to resolve an issue or problem they couldn't when they were alive.  They are 'stuck' in their realm, but in our existence, so we can see them, and they can interact.  Whatever reason, they were not able to cross over. They react to communication, and may even move objects and can even go to the point where you may see writing on a mirror after a shower, opening doors, and have appliances go off an on unexpectedly.



Spirits are entities that have crossed over, but have the ability to come back and communicate with the living.  An example would be after the death of a loved one, they come back to give a message to those left behind, or to 'check up' on how they are doing.




Another one that falls into these categories is poltergeists. Poltergeists seem to be 'attracted' to younger people, mainly teens who are going through major changes in their bodies and minds.  This is a very rough and difficult time, and they energy that they are giving off can attract such entities.  These are the entitles that are a little more ambivalent and can be a bit scary.  They seem to feed off this energy that the teen is giving off.  But teens are not the only ones that can attract poltergeists, someone who is going through a sever depression or even changes through pregnancy and menopause can attract them.  Men are not exempt.  Men go through changes as well as they get older, even a male form of menopause as you will.