(By B Fowler - 2004)

A couple of evenings ago I was listening to a radio program where they were interviewing a person that had an after life experience.  In her account, she explained that she heard god and saw what she knew to be Jesus.  This brought up a question that was asked of me a long time ago - if we go through a near death experience - do we all see Jesus? 

In my opinion - I think that it depends on who is having the experience and what their beliefs are.

I myself do believe in such experiences, my cousin when he was on medication he shouldn't have been - died for a few moments until his mother was able to revive him.  When he relayed the experience to me, he recalled going through a tunnel (like in most accounts from others who have been through the same).   In this tunnel he looked around and he saw bright glowing white orbs with a blue hue around the edges all around him shooting through this tube with him at light speed.  He knew that these were other souls and he was also in the same state.  At the end he did not see Jesus - but he did feel a warmth and peace.  This cousin happens to somewhat an atheist - he doesn't really believe or follow any religion, but has seen and experienced some weird circumstances in his life.  When his mother revived him - he was pulled back - passing the other orbs again at lightening speed back into his body.  He told me this when I was about 13, many many years ago before this whole 'orb' phenomenon and digital cameras.

After that experience he didn't necessarily become religious - but he knew this life was not the end.

Most if not all accounts we hear on the radio and see on TV,  all account seeing Jesus.  But if you look at the person - most of them are Christians or have some belief in Christ.  I myself have not seen a Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or even a Wicca recount their experiences.  This is not to say they do not have them.  Maybe they take their accounts as very personal and do not want to share, or maybe its because there is a bias with the media when it comes to religion - who knows.

My opinion is we see what we believe in our hearts.  Who ever is out there writing the Akashik record takes what belief we have (how little it is) - and comes to us in that form.  Why?  Because we will understand it better, we will accept it and feel "at home".

I myself do believe that there was a Buddha, Allah, Mohammed, Jesus, The Goddess and the like.  All prophets who were put on this earth to TRY and help us become closer to the universe and to help us become better people, with respect.  And its up to us which ever deity or deities we hold in our heart to find the true teachings.  To whom we hold in our hearts - that's who we see at the end of the tunnel of light.  That's also why we see our loved ones greeting us. 

In the above woman's account, she also knew her beloved pets were waiting for her.  This I also believe.  The bonds we have with our pets can be stronger than we hold with people.  I myself after my beloved Cat died after 18 years, gave me a sign she was okay.  And every now and then - I can see her out of the corner of my eye, and I dream about her.  Its been 15 years since she passed away in my arms - and that bond will never be broken.  There have been many reports of people seeing paw prints, feeling their pets on their bed or seeing glimpses of them after their passing.  Even my cousin that told me about the after life experience, had such an account.  He had two German shepherds he raised since they were pups - brothers.  They both died around the same time - and he buried them on the farm near some trees.  The winter after they died - he went outside and saw paw prints in the snow - from the house - right to where he buried them.  They had no other dogs, and the only other animals out there were deer.  Could they have been coyotes?  Could be - but one has to take in account that they ONLY paw prints that were in the fresh fallen snow only lead from the house to their resting place.

I don't know about you - but I think a heaven that has our loved 4 legged friends is just where I want to be.