October 12/2006

Locations:  Sidebar, McKay School, Edmonton Cemetery.

SUNSPOT ACTIVITY: No sunspots, no coronal holes and no solar wind streams heading towards earth.  Sun's x-ray glow was at its dimmest.

MOON PHASE: Waning moon going into the last quarter on the 13th

TEMPERATURE OUTSIDE: 6.c during the day going to 0 at night



PRESSURE: 101.9 Kpa

We were contacted by a local tour group - who wanted us to be the investigators on their tour.  We were not paid for this, and quite frankly - were upset about how unprofessional it was and how we were treated.  I guess we were a little bit too skeptical/scientific for them, for they went with another group the year following.  Again, we will not apologize for being the group about truth.  Other groups may not properly check their data, and may be in this field for the wrong reasons, but we are in this for the long run.  We were happy to be asked, we always are, to share our experiences and expertise with others.  But I guess we were not 'entertainment value' enough.  The paranormal, ghosts, entities, spirits, cannot perform like a trained dog on command.  It is very rare to go out and actually get some good proof like evp's, video, photos, readings.  Investigations can be very exciting at the time, and I have even been surprised by things we have captured.  You live in the moment.  But it is important when you get that data back to the office, that you analyze it properly, so we can separate the normal from the paranormal.

When you are in such a huge group of people - it is very hard to get actual data.  We went along as consultants (we did not get paid for our time).  We enjoy helping interested people in understanding what we do, and we just wanted to see if anything possibly would happen.  We thank those people that came along that told us their 'ghost' stories, and those that were asking us questions about how the equipment worked, etc.

We started out at the Sidebar on 10308 81 Ave.  I arrived before everyone else and talked to the Manager.  She told me stories of the 'Haunted Stairwell" upstairs, and of the incident on the other stairwell to the far end of the building, where she felt someone pull her hair - turned around and no one was there.

I went upstairs and started taking readings.  There is a set of stairs underneath the 'haunted staircase', that I started picking up some readings.  The temperature dropped 1 degree on that staircase, and the EMF fluctuated from 2 - 4.

I took the following picture. The person who was in charge of the tour group got very excited, and said oh activity - I told her that they were simply dust orbs.  Despite this - she wanted to put this up on her site as evidence - which it is not (one of the main reasons we didn't want to do it anymore with that particular person - is she wanted to present false evidence as actual evidence, all in getting more people interested on going on the tour - that goes against everything we stand for).

Now the interesting thing that I noticed was in the 'haunted stairwell' above this staircase.  I took the EMF reader and started to go upstairs, it was steady at 2, but when I got to the middle of the staircase, it went up to 5-6.  I thought it could be the switch that is also half way up - but as I moved the meter towards it, it went down back to 3.  I went to the top of the staircase and the EMF went up to 9.  This was due to atop the staircase my conclusion was there was a wire running behind the wall.

I went back down and grabbed my nightvision video camera.  It was only 27 seconds into recording - that I caught a glowing light about the size of a soft ball or large orange - appear near to where I was getting the readings - and disappear into the wall.  On examination, this wasn't a bug of any kind, and they way it moved, it couldn't have been dust. (we will add the video here once we get it transferred).  The readings in the stairwell at 8:05pm were humidity 36.5%, Temp 18.4 (midstairs it dropped to 16.8)

I then went downstairs when the clients arrived, and was introduced by the tour company.  I took the temperature of the room - it was showing 18.1c, but felt colder.  Then while I was talking, I noticed the temperature dropped.  I took out the temperature again, and it dropped 3 degrees.  They did not turn on the air conditioner.

We then went back upstairs and they played one evp that was captured by someone else.  If you listen closely - it does sound like someone is saying 'this is not my vodka' but unless you know the details of the recording, conditions of the room, etc - cannot say 100% this is evidence.

Everyone took their turn going up the stairwell.  One person may have caught something on their video phone (we are hoping to see a copy of it to determine what it is).

We then hopped on the bus to join my team member Brenda at the McKay School.

Temperature in the McKay School was 16.4 .c at 9:05 pm.  The odd thing is - even though the temperature was about the same here as it was in the Sidebar, it seemed a lot warmer.  The cold in the Sidebar was like being outside in the cold wind.

We were upstairs, and while my team member was in what was the infirmary room (now the ladies lavatory), some members of the tour were in the men's washroom with their photo cell phone.  Even though they noticed nothing while they were up there, when they came downstairs, they captured what sounds like hammering on their cell phone. (again I would love to get a copy of this so I can bring up the sound and study it closer).  Its very easy to fake sounds, etc.  Unfortunately Brenda and I didn't capture any data or evidence in the upper rooms.

The story behind the infirmary, there was a worker around 1912 that fell off the top of McKay school, and wasn't killed immediately.  He was taken to the infirmary - where he passed away.  Interesting that members of the tour captured something that sounds like hammering in the room connected to where he passed away.

We then went downstairs, and I was happy to finally gain access to the room where in a previous investigation, we captured a 'cloud' like formation in the middle of the room, and a shadow of what looks like a man.

When I took photos, orbs showed up in this photo.

Notice what looks like orbs on the left hand side of the lady on the mans shoulders.  Again, possible dust particles.


We then went to the Edmonton Cemetery.

We first gathered outside the mausoleum ( I took this opportunity to say 'hi' to my grandparents, who are buried right in front of it).

I took this photo

It almost looks like something is going into the mosoleum - but again, we have to watch because we are in a grave yard, psychology comes into play with anything that is captured.

Could this be an orb?  Could it be due to the humidity or dust?  The humidity outside was around 65%, but usually humidity will show up more than just one.  Also, as you can see I was quite a distance from the door.  But again, there are natural explanations for such ones.

We went into the mausoleum.  Unfortunately we didn't capture anything in here, but I was getting some fluctuations on the EMF in front of the marble pulpit inside.  I stood there, and watched it fluctuate, then go down to 1.

We then went outside and here are some of the photos that I and my team member Brenda captured.

This one stood out - this is the same lady on the tour, that in the McKay school a huge 'orb like' anomaly appeared beside her.

Brenda took these pictures


I then enhanced it - and found the following interesting:


Where the arrow is, it looks like an orb coming out of a grave, but very well could be reflection.  The first big circle, looks like a form of a human, but could be a trick of the eye.  The third one looks like an orb as well.  Once we go over this more closely, we will post larger, clearer pictures.



Now the above photo could be attributed to humidity or dust.  Interesting thing here, there was no fog - but looked like there is in the photo - so I enhanced it - this is what we got

This is why the area is circled in green:

Could this be a reflection of the grave? A trick of the eye?  What is this white 'form' sticking out the left hand side, that you can see through to the other gravestone?


We went back and checked out Digital recordings.  We found nothing.  I am still examining the video that we captured, and again will be featured on this page once it has been transferred.

Although we were very disappointed on how this tour was handled by the Lady in charge, we were exited to share experiences with the patrons and hear their stories.  We will never rule out working with another group, if we can find one that we deem is ethical enough.