Investigation at the Oppertshauser House and Multicultural Center
Stony Plain, Alberta

October 30, 2010
47% humidity
Class M flare - 10%
Sunspot activity number 24
Moon Phase - last quarter

We were greeted by Robin Lillywhite, communications for the Multicultural Center.  We were then taken into the lower floor main dining room of the Multicultural Center (MC) so I could conduct a question and answer session with some of the staff members.
Some of the reported incidences in the MC included reports of cold spots, chairs being moved, mans face in the window, and an old lady being seen in period clothing.
While I was talking to some of the staff after the presentation, the following photos were taken:

As you can see in the first one, there is a glare on the chair, and in the second one, there what appears to be a strange shaped 'orb' above the table.  Team member Brian Anderson-Buchner after seeing these photos, conducted some experiments with the same type of jacket with reflective patches on it at his work, and came up with photos that had very similar effects, so we have to state the above photos are because of the jacket.
The team them split up and started taking readings.  Team one, consisted of Brian A, Les, and myself as team lead (with some staff members).  Team Two had three members headed by Brian Nowlan (who also had some staff members with him)..
Team one, went to the
Oppertshauser House, while team two stayed at the MC and conducted evp work in the restauraunt .

Team one at the Oppertshauser House (the photo is due to a someone having a smoke break)

Robin took team one over the the OH and relayed some of the reported incidences.  This included reported smells of tobacco smoke and perfume in the upstairs offices, and a spirit nicknamed 'George' moving things and making noises.

Photos of some of the antiques in the OH

Brian A and I decided to go upstairs to the room where there had been a suicide many years ago.  There was a microwave plugged in, plus this room is now an office with a photo copier, so it was important to get 'regular' base line readings from this equipment.  Les took the staff members with us downstairs to conduct an EVP session.

Here I am setting up the locked off Night Vision towards the closet where the suicide happened, and where Brian and I would be conducting our EVP experiment.

Jessica came in for a moment, and noted how the 'air' in the room seemed pretty heavy, this is before she knew about the suicide.  She helped us take some readings, then she returned to group 2 who were over the the restaraunt part of the MC.

The lights were then turned off in the house so both groups in team A could conduct their EVP experiments.  I sat on the floor as Brian A stood up, and we began asking out questions.  I then noticed a draft shot out at me, then realized it was one of the old registers that is set in the wall (not on the floor).  We had some reaction with the EMF meter to some of the questions we were asking out, but nothing too extreme.  I then went over to the closet where the person had hung himself so many years ago, and started taking more EMF readings.  The meter went up when I put it against the door.  I double checked to make sure it wasn't the water cooler next to it (the reading went down towards the cooler).  I then went inside to make sure it wasn't a wiring problem, same thing, the reading went down.  It seemed to centeralize on the door.
Intersting note to this, when talking with Robin later, we knew that someone had died in that room, but didn't know how.  Robin explained to us that they had hung themselves on the door of that closet.

Meanwhile Les was downstairs with the staff members asking out questions, and there was no response with the K2.  They then went into the entry area where there is the gift shop, and tried the EVP experiment there.

In the giftshop, there are scented candles, and various other items with perfumes in them.  I noticed that when the heating came on in the house, that the smell did appear on the upper floor in the office.  I had worked as a sheet metal working with my father (who was one for over 50 years), and came to the realization that the 'smell of tobacco and cologne' was due to the intake of the furnace distributing the smells of the giftshop to the upper floors.  And with all the wood in the house as well, those smells can absorb themselves into the wood, and when it warms up, can be released.

After about 30 minutes of EVP and EMF work, I decided to go over to the MC to get team 2 - so we could exchange places.  When I went into the restauraunt, there was no one there.  Team 2 had gone over to the cabin and were conducting EVP experiments in there.  I grabbed Brenda and Brian N and said it was time to switch location.  I decided to set up Team 1 in the cabin, and send team 2 over to the OH.

The Cabin

The Cabin is connected to the MC, and is full of antiques and other various historical items.  I set up the Night Vision camera in front of the long bench in front of the wall (where most of us were sitting).  Brian A sat in front of the camera,

1st photo, Les along the long bench, you can see at the right where the NV camera was set up (he is holding one of the audio recorders) - 2nd photo - shows where Brian A was sitting.

I turned on the camera and turned around to grab one of the digital recorders, when I heard the Night Vision camera zoom in on Brian.  I quickly turned around, no one was around it - I checked through the view, and sure enough it had zoomed in on him.  This older version of a Sony handicam, does not have the capability to zoom in on its own.  There is an actual button you have to pull up or down on the side.  I found this quite odd.  I zoomed the camera (which was on record), out again and proceeded to set up.

I then told Les to grab the extension cord, I was going to plug in the Night Vision camera to make sure that the 'juice' in the battery did not run out.   Les had an audio recorder, and I set the other one on the table in the cabin behind the piano (see above picture).

Just before lights out, when I sat behind the video camera (which was set 4 feet in front of me) - the camera zoomed in again on Brian by itself - this time I not only heard it - I saw it through the viewfinder screen.  I got up and checked it to make sure it was on record and then we turned the lights off and conducted our EVP work.

We were asking out for the 'old lady', and for the man to show his face.  We stayed in there for quite a while, we didn't have anything really registering on the EMF or the K2.  I then decided to leave Brian A in there alone with the one audio recorder and camera (seeing as it seemed to zoom in on him) to see if he could get any reaction alone.  The rest of us went for a break outside.

Some of the staff had decided to go home, so I sent Brenda upstairs in the MC with Jess, and Brian N back over to the OH alone to the upper room to see if a lone being in the house could 'stir things up'.

After about 20 minutes, I got Brian A, and sent Brenda and Jess into one of the other rooms in the MC, while Les, Brian A and I went to the upstairs where the library and displays are.  Brian A said there was a bit on the EMF, but again nothing to really say there was something in there with him.

It was hard to take the EMF upstairs, due to the display cases and the light fixtures within them, so we couldn't get any real good readings.  We left Les upstairs while Brian and I went downstairs to set up the night vision in the other diningroom where there have been reported incidences of chairs moving on their own.  I set up the Nigh Vision secured to the tripod at the one side so I could get a good view of the room.

Tripod was set up in the corner by the locked door and counter.

Brian A and I then started moving the chairs out of place, because there have been reports of 'something' there not liking it when they are moved.  After about 5 minutes of setting up the camera, I heard a crash behind me.  I looked to see the tripod, still locked in place, laying on the floor with my camera still secured to it.  Brian and I ran over, and after I finished panicking (just noticed the cover of the light was broken off), inspected the tripod.  The legs were still locked in place, and the floor was even where I put it.  I decided to not take a chance with the night vision, and set up the digital camera on the tripod (which also takes video).  Brian and I then went outside for 10 minutes and let the digital record.

By this time most of the staff were gone, so I gathered up Brian A, Brian N, Brenda and Jess so we could go back into the dining room so we could do one last EVP/EMF experiment.  This time, instead of the night vision being on the tripod, I decided it was best if I held it.

Brian sat in the far corner of the room while Brenda, Brian N, and Jess sat around a table on the other side.  I sat in a chair beside where the tripod was initially set up.  We shut the lights off and performed our experiments.  We were asking out to the old lady, the man that was seen, to anything that might be in the MC.  After a while, I decided we should try the 'antagonizing ploy'.  This is when a team hurls insults and other negative things to whatever might be present, just to see if we can get a response.  I handed the camera to Jess, and I got up  and started  shouting out insults.

When I said 'If we don't get a response, I am going back saying you don't exist, and no one will believe in you and come here anymore to pay you attention' - something behind me fell.  In the video you can see I am standing about 5 feet in front of where the sound occurred, and there is no one else around.  I grabbed a flashlight off of Brian A, and didn't see anything out of place, but this was picked up on video, but unfortunately we didn't capture what might have made the noise.

I started the 'insulting' again, and the emf that Brian A was holding was starting to get some responses.  Les soon joined us, and we conducted the experiment for about 40 minutes.  We then decided to wrap up after the EMF died down, and call it a night.  We gathered all the equipment and thanked Robin again for inviting us out.


Nothing really showed up on the actual digital photographs, except for the two photos shown earlier where after an experiment by Brian A, was shown to be explainable.

Video:  There was one part in the OH where Brian A and I were conducting an experiment upstairs, there is the sound of a door shutting.  This was not Les and the staff downstairs, it was upstairs.  You can see my head clearly in the video, and at the moment of the sound, I have no reaction.  If we would have heard this with our own ears, Brian A and I would have shouted out downstairs if they went outside, or we would have went running out of the room to investigate.  The audio also picked up this shut of the door (more clearly), and it is definately coming from upstairs (Brian A and I were the only ones up there).

Brian N and Brenda noted they didn't capture anything on their cameras or audio

When I went to review the video of the cabin, excited to see the zooming in part on Brian A, to my surprise, nothing recorded.  I went through it, and there was nothing on tape, yet the video was recording (the red light is clearly visible, even in the dark).  I have had this camera for over 6 years now, and there is no way that I could have set it up wrong (even I though it could be due to human error).  I then decided to review the recordings on both audio recorders - and again, nothing.  Both recorders were going, in fact the one there was no one around it after it was turned on and recording (again, red light).  And the question comes about did both recorders get 'paused' somehow.  On the recorder Les had, you have to hold the button down for 20 seconds to shut it off, and if it pauses, the light turns blue.  The other one, if its paused, the red light starts blinking.

After seeing this, I thought that the camera might have something wrong with it - but yet, there is video footage of the last of the EVP/EMF session, and including the camera falling.  Upon review of the camera falling, (which I will be posting soon), the camera starts to go over, then it looks like it is actually 'hit' and goes in the opposite direction.  Before it falls, you can see Brian A and I in the mirror on the opposite wall, so you can account where we were when this happened.  Les experimented with the tripod afterwards, and even the physics of the camera weight on the tripod, distributed evenly, there isn't a reason why it would fall on its own.  Again, the legs were still locked in place, and the camera was secured on top.  And the motion recorded as it fell, of it seemingly actually getting hit (you can even hear it), stumps us at this time.

So is the OH and MC in Stony haunted?  At this point we cannot say we have the evidence to back it up.  We are hoping to go back soon and conduct another investigation with some new equipment and techniques
, but this time I will be bringing duct tape with me and keeping a closer eye on the Video Cameras!