Oppertshauser House/Multicultural Centre - October 2012

Stony Plain, Alberta

We were honored to have a second opportunity to investigate this historical home, and the  Multicultural Centre.  Last time we investigated here, we had lots of personal and odd experiences (equipment refusing to work in the cabin, a camera being thrown to the ground by no one seen).  This time, we were hoping to see what might have caused these odd incidences, and try to rule out anything normal.

The investigators this night consisted of Brenda, Jess, Brian N and myself - along with a couple of staff members
The one staff member Brenda and I went with along in the house, seemed to actually stir up some

While we were there, Robin showed us the following photo on his laptop.  It was taken for a promo, but there was
an object in the window, that wasn't there before

Photo courtesy of the Multicultural Centre.

If you look at the window in the centre at the top, it does look like something is standing in front of it (and it was reported to us, no one was in the house at the time)

We cannot enhance the photo more without pixel distortion, but it does make an interesting photo.  We cannot say for
sure what it is (without having been there) - is it paranormal?  It certainly raises the eyebrows.

Again we are showing the results of our investigations on YouTube.  You can access
the video


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