in 2004 on a Monday, My partner (fiancée at that time) and I decided to stop by Mount Pleasant Cemetery In south Edmonton to visit my Grandma Jessie's Gravesite to lay down some flowers (we were on the South side, so we took the opportunity).  While there, we pulled out the both video camera and digital.  The moon was almost full, and it was so beautiful there.  The following picture shows the conditions (that glowing dot is not an orb, but the moon).



It was peaceful, and the wind was not blowing nor was it snowing.  We were taking pictures for the cemetery part of this website, but we managed to capture a few 'orbs' - but again, from research I have done in the past 5 years, this is one that we have to put in the 'ignore' category.

Here is a picture of a group of monuments as taken by Ross.  Here you can barely see an orb above (see at tip of arrow), but in the second picture - you can see the close up.



Now it looks like it has interesting properties, and being in a graveyard you are quick to think it might be something - but again, we have to try and be skeptical especially when it comes to orbs.


But while we were taking video - we did manage to capture something quite interesting.  Yes, it was winter, but not cold enough to show your breath outside.  Neither of us were smoking and we were in the center of the graveyard - no one else was there.  We captured this on video.  When we had this video on our old website, we were contacted by a group in the UK that thought it was quite interesting as well.

We reviewed the footage and ruled out the explainable - so this one we are questioning.